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Frescobol Set "São Paulo"

An addictive outdoor game for the holidays and weekends. Like beach ball but a lot more fun!
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"These bats are so well made, you don't have to buy new ones every year.”


✔️HANDMADE - A real eye-catcher in the park & on the beach. Each wooden bat is unique, no racket will be like another. two46 bats offer maximum game control thanks to a dynamic V-shape & optimal weight.

✔️FUN FOR THE YOUNG (~8+ YEARS) & THE OLD - No matter if you are a Frescobol beginner or expert, you will always have a suitable ball in the set. Each set contains one softball for beginners and one speedball for beachball pros and players that love fast rallies.

✔️HIGHEST QUALITY & PERFORMANCE - No low-quality pressboard but impeccably crafted, sturdy hardwood (basswood & rubberwood). We can promise you: this will be your last bat!

✔️SOFTEST OVERGRIP - Thanks to our new overgrip technology, you will always have a soft but firm grip on your racket. Made from several different materials, you never want to stop using this overgrip. Hours of intense play are guaranteed!

✔️DON'T LIKE IT - GET YOUR MONEY BACK! All our products are characterized by high functionality, high-quality workmanship, and a stylish design. If you are not happy, we are not happy. So, what if you don't like it? Get a full refund! No questions asked!

Each frescobol set São Paulo
 includes two rackets, two different balls, and a nylon bag.

All our frescobol sets are 100% wooden. For every set sold, we plant one tree in the amazon rainforest.

Let's make it simple!

If you are new to frescobol, if you want to play with kids and do not have any experience with racket sports, go for the Rio Classico!

If you are a racket game expert, if you are used to fast rallies and you love challenges while doing sport, go for the São Paulo.

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Don't like it? Get a full refund! No questions asked! 

All our products are characterized by high functionality, high-quality workmanship and a stylish design. This way, they are both versatile and durable. At two46, we are 100% focused on quality and customer satisfaction! 

All our products are built to last! If you are not happy, we are not happy.

As seen in:

Frescobol - child playing with wooden beach bat

A sport where you are partners. Not rivals!

Frescobol is a sport where you and your partner play together. Start searching for the strengths of your team mate instead of taking advantage of his weaknesses. 

Frescobol - family playing with their wooden beach bats and balls on the beach
Frescobol rackets - couple playing on the beach with beach bats

For kids. For families. For sport enthusiasts. For everyone!

No matter where you are. You can play frescobol everywhere. No annoying court bookings - yet 100% fun. All-natural beach bats that you will love for the rest of your life.


"We want to build sustainable sporting goods that are better than the status quo!"

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