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two46 Frescobol - Gift Card


two46 Frescobol - Gift Card



With this gift card, you will have a great summer!

After ordering, the customer will receive the gift card code by e-mail. Afterward, the code can be redeemed on all products in the two46 online store.

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Man playing with frescobol racket

For kids. For families. For sport enthusiasts. For everyone!

We've found that frescobol is a sport that appeals to a wide spectrum of ages and abilities. From time with friends in the park to wonderful beaches in your family's vacation, there are no limits in enjoying the game. 

A sport where you are partners. Not rivals!

A sport where you are partners. Not rivals!

Frescobol is a sport where you and your partner play together. Start searching for the strenghts of your team mate instead of taking advantage of his weaknesses. 

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